Sunday, March 28, 2010

Proof against being last! I was starting to fret...

So, once again, I was trolling and stumbled across the "definitive proof against being born gay!" Oh joy! My beloved brothers in faith don't even accept me when the Catechism explicitly states that there is no choice involved here. I believe the responses to this ranged from "Hey, guys, what does it matter how they are gay, when the Church says we should love them anyway" to "homosexuality is a sin" to various shades of gray inbetween. My favorite was when someone said "it's a mixture of genes, environment, and some choice."

First, they have not found a genetic "cause." Second, environment hasn't really been definitively identified as the primary agent of a personality (nature vs. nurture anyone?) and third, yes, choice was involved. The choice to accept oneself for who they are and attempt to share that identity with others. Yet people who are not theologians, biblical scholars, geneticists, psychiatrists, or any other type of trained professional in any field that would have any bearing are passing judgment against a segment of their own Church's population as though they were such professionals.

My thought is why does it even matter? The Catechism says that homosexual behavior is disordered, not homosexuality. The Church hasn't taught homosexuality as a sin for quite some time, which is actually fairly progressive of them. They predated all that sensational election of gay Presbyterian and Methodist bishops, because the current Catechism came out in the '80s. But for some reason, apparently, the laity have missed the message of tolerance altogether and are currently swamped in a pre-Vatican II idea of vengeful God and punishment for sin. And don't mention anything about confession. This same virulently anti-homosexual group of people like to say "well, it wouldn't be a valid confession because they went into this behavior knowing it was a sin and they wouldn't really be sorry."

If you can't tell, I'm a little bitter and passing sweeping judgments of my own. But at least I can be honest about it and not appear hypocritical.

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